Major items of work performed by this office:-

A. License fee collection and Assessment  –   – The Office of Controller of Communication Accounts (CCA) is responsible for collection of License Fee (L.F) as revenue share from all Cellular, Basic, Unified Access Service, ISP/ISP-IT, CMRTS/ PMRTS, V-SAT and Unified Licensees in Kerala Service Area, scrutiny of documents submitted by them, viz. Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) statements and affidavits. The office is also responsible for maintenance of Performance Bank Guarantees (PBGs) (other than the case of Basic/ Cellular/ UAS licensees) and Financial Bank Guarantees (FBGs) submitted by the licensees, review of the bank guarantee amounts and for encashing the same in the event of non-renewal on time/ in the event of breach in terms & conditions of License Agreement. The office of CCA verifies deductions claimed from Gross Revenue by the licensees as allowed by License Agreements to verify correctness of L.F payment by Licensees. Assessment of License Fee dues in respect of all decentralised licenses is also carried out.This office is also mandated to collect revenue from other streams/ penalties levied by TERM Cells on Telecom Service Providers for subscribers non-verification, EMF radiation violation etc.

B.  Spectrum usage charges collection and assessment    –   The office of CCA is responsible for collection of Spectrum usage Charges on revenue sharing basis,Assessment of Spectrum charges , Maintenance and reviews of FBGs related to Spectrum Usage Charges in respect of Cellular operators (GSM/CDMA) of Kerala Service Area

C.  Pension   –   Consequent on corporatization of the service providing wing of the Department of Telecom and the promulgation of Rule 37A of the CCS Pension Rules, the Government of India has taken the responsibility for payment of pension to the erstwhile government servants absorbed in the PSU. The office of CCA is responsible for budgeting of pension expenditure and authorization and issue of Pension Payment Orders for Telecom pensioners including those retiring from MTNL/BSNL. CCA Office liaisons with the banks and post offices to ensure proper application of Dearness Relief rates and regulations and also for smooth disbursement of pension. Revision of pension is also carried out by the office of CCA as per the orders issued by DoP&PW and Dept of Telecom in co-ordination with the pension sanctioning authorities. Post-payment audit of pension disbursed by Post offices and Banks is also carried out by the office of CCA.

D.Pension Disbursement - From 1.1.2019, SAMPANN has been implemented in Kerala circle. For all pensioners retiring from 1.1.2019, Pension processing is carried out in new software( and monthly pension disbursement and all related work to these pensioners is also done by this office

E. Pension Contribution   –  Under Rule 37 A of the CCS (Pension) Rules the government will make arrangements for the collection of Pension Contribution from BSNL for the period of service rendered by employees in BSNL. This will apply not only to those officers who are working on deemed deputation basis in the corporation but also to those employees who opt to get absorbed in the corporation. CCA Office undertakes collection and employee-wise scrutiny and monitoring of amounts received on this account from BSNL.

F. GPF, Loans and Advances   –   The office of CCA is responsible for maintenance of GPF accounts, loans and advances ledgers and broadsheets for Telecom staff including those absorbed in MTNL/BSNL, inter-circle settlement of GPF balances and loans and advances in cases of transfers, and final payment of balances in GPF accounts in retirement cases. Recovery of Loans and Advances sanctioned by Government in respect of employees absorbed in BSNL along with interest due is monitored and accounted as well.

G. Accounting of Receipts and Expenditure –  The Office of CCA is responsible for monitoring of budget and rendering monthly accounts of the office for onward submission to the CGA, settlement of all residual accounts and claims with PSUs, particularly MTNL, BSNL and VSNL.

H. Legal Cases –   The office of CCA handles legal cases concerning DoT in the Courts of Law and CAT in their circle jurisdiction.

I. Internal Audit of other DOT Units –   DoT HQ has entrusted the office of CCA with the task of Internal Audit of other DOT Units in the Kerala like O/o Sr.DDG, LSA and WMS units

 J. USOF -The implementation of Universal Service Support Policy of the Government of India involves financial support from Universal Service Obligation Fund to meet the net cost of providing the specified activity under Universal Service  Obligation. Office of the Controller of Communication Accounts is responsible for 1)Verification of the USO claims and release of payments, 2)Inspection and monitoring for establishing the veracity of claims, 3)Proper accounting of all transactions relating to the USO Fund 4)Offices of CCA submit detailed returns and reports to USO Administration at DOT HQ regarding receipt of claims from Service Providers, settlement of claims, requisition of funds, disbursement of subsidy and monitoring status and reports in the prescribed formats and as per schedule prescribed by USOF HQ.