The Controller of Communication Accounts is the field manifestation of assurances extended to the employees of erstwhile Department of Telecom, Department of Telecom Services & Department of Telecom Operations whose operational functions got corporatized in October 2000 and the employees were absorbed in the corporate entity. The CCS (Pension) Rules -1972 was amended and a new rule specifically Rule – 37 A was promulgated inorder to convert the assurance of Govt. of India into reality. The mandate to CCAs in this regard involves budgeting, drawal & disbursal of pensionary benefits to the employees of BSNL and DoT establishments as well as realization of Pension Contribution and Leave Salary Contribution from BSNL Circles. The Chhattisgarh Telecom Accounting Circle was created in 2002 by bifurcating the accounting functions of Madhya Pradesh Circls and since then CCA, Chhattisgarh has been collecting PC & LSC from BSNL Chhattisgarh Circls and was preparing all pensionary documents of the retired personnel of BSNL Chhattisgarh Circle till December 2009 when it was authorized to directly disburse pension through post offices and PSU banks in Chhattisgarh.

Pension Audit
CCA, Chhattisgarh was not authorized to issue PPOs to the disbursing units till December 2009 which was being carried out by CCA, Madhya Prades i.e. the Parent Circle and hence, pension vouching/audit was conducted at Bhopal for all the pension disbursed in the post offices and banks in Chhattisgarh. The mechanism was reviewed by DoT Hqtrs. in view of the representations received from many retired employees/pensioners settled in Chhattisgarh. The accounting separation for settlement of terminal benefit cases between MP Telecom Accounting Circle and Chhattisgarh Circle was effected in January 2010 and since then the Auditing Process of Pension Vouchers for Chhattisgarh Circle has been shifted to CCA, Chhattisgarh.

1. Details of pension cases settled in the month in below format
List of pension cases settled during (month)(year)
SL.NO PPO No Name Designation Unit Date of Retirment / Death Sanction Date Type of case
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2. Details of Transfer in/Transfer out cases in the month
Tranfer in Cases of PPO`s settled during (month)(year)
SL.NO Pensioner Name/Designation/PPO No Received From Endorsed To Date of Despatch
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3. Details of Pension Revision Cases
Pension Revision cases settled during (Status as on dd-mm-yyyy)
SL.NO Name PPO NO DOR/DOD Designation SSA Date of Despatch
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