O/o The Controller of Communication Accounts, AP


 Revenue Section

A. License fee :-The Office of Controller of Communication Accounts (CCA), Andhra Pradesh Circle is responsible for collection of License Fee (L.F.) as revenue share from all Cellular, Basic, Unified Access Service, ISP/ISP-IT, NLD, PMRTS and Unified Licensees, scrutiny of documents submitted by them, viz. Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) statements, Audited Financial Documents and affidavits for License Fee Assessments in respect of Decentralized Licensees. This office also verifies deductions claimed from Gross Revenue by the licensees as allowed according to the License Agreements.

B.  Bank Guarantees:- This office is also responsible for maintenance of Performance Bank Guarantees (PBGs) and Financial Bank Guarantees (FBGs) submitted by the decentralized licensees, review of the bank guarantee amounts and for encashing the same in the event of non-renewal on time/ in the event of breach in terms & conditions of License Agreement.

C.  Deduction Verification:- The office of CCA verifies deductions claim documents viz. invoices, bank statements, TDS payment proofs by way of Form 26Q/Auditor’s Certificate, etc. in respect of TSPs. This Office finalizes the Deduction Verification Report and also responsible to send the report to DoT HQ for further LF Assessment of TSPs.

D.  TERM Cell:- This office also collects revenue from other streams/ penalties levied by TERM Cells on Telecom Service Providers for subscribers non-verification (CAF Penalty), EMF radiation violation etc.

E.  Spectrum usage charges collection:-The office of CCA is responsible for collection of Spectrum usage Charges on revenue sharing basis, Assessment of Spectrum Charges, Review of FBGs related to Spectrum Usage Charges in respect of TSPs (GSM/CDMA) of Andhra Pradesh Service Are

PDA Section:

        PDA section plays a vital role in timely disbursement of pensionery benefits to SAMPANN pensioners. PDA section, O/o CCA, AP Circle caters the needs of more than 6000 pensioners, comprises BSNL VRS 2019 Pensioners, Family IDA VRS 2019 pensioners, Normal IDA pensioners, Normal CDA pensioners, Normal Family IDA pensioners and Family CDA pensioners. Currently a monthly disbursement of Rs. 21Cr is being made. payments are being made towards Monthly Pensions.

       PDA Section ensures timely payment of Deferred Gratuity payment to VRS 2019 pensioners i.e. in the First Week of every month to eligible VRS 2019 pensioners.

          Apart from these, DCRG & Commutation bills are being paid as and when the cases are settled by Pension section. Arrear bills, conversion to family pension and arrear for late receipt of Life Certificates are being made through supplementary/arrear bill. As and when, DA increases, arrears are being paid through supplementary/monthly bill.

       Requests receipt from pensioners regarding updation of pension account/IFSC code are to be settled by PDA section. Bank/Post Office migration cases received pension voucher audit section will be processed in SAMPANN software by this section. Another important activity of PDA section is to generate Digital Life Certificates for the visiting pensioners in the office premises itself. Monthly reminders to pensioners towards submission of Life Certificates will be communicated by this section through bulk SMS and also by way of writing letters to BSNL offices for wide publicity.

         Income tax calculations with respect to SAMPANN pensioners will be done on obtaining the Options/Investment declarations from the pensioners and the same will be incorporated in the monthly bills. Monthly/Quarterly tax deduction details will be intimated to Cash section for filing Income Tax returns. At the end of the financial year Form 16 will be uploaded in SAMPANN and copies are to be forwarded to the respective pensioners.


  1. GPF
  • Maintaining GPF accounts of five DDOs i.e. TERM Cell Vijayawada, WMS Vijayawada, WMS Vishakhapatnam, Office of CCA& BSNL.
  • Receipt of cheques/DDs in r/o GPF credits of BSNL.
  • Processing of GPF Advances/Withdrawals.
  • Settlement of GPF final payment cases (Superannuation/VR/Death).
  • Recasting of accounts.
  • Transfer In & Out cases including maintenance of registers.
  • GPF Annual Statement.
  • Receipt of CGEGIS schedules/DDs from BSNL.
  •  Receipt and posting of cheques/DDs from BSNL.
  •  Maintenance of broadsheets.
  • Receipt and posting of cheques /DDs from BSNL.
  • Maintenance of broadsheets.
  • Processing of HBA cases for NDC/Rebate.
  • Maintaining broadsheets of Loans & Advances (Computer, Scooter, Car & HBA).
  • Collection of scrolls from bank and posting of scrolls in COMPACT software module.
  • Preparation of BRS and maintenance of registers of DFB(Drawings from Bank) & RTB(Remittances to bank).
  • Monthly reconciliation of Drawings from/Remittance to bank.
  • Clearance of suspense accounts/amounts.
  • Review of monthly accounts with RBI (JS journal).
  • Reconciliation of RBI figures.
  • Preparation and updation of Review of Balances (ROB).
  • RE (Revised Estimates) & BE (Budget Estimates) proposals related to CGEGIS, DLIS & interest on GPF.
  • Preparation &Submission of SWR (State of Work Report).
  • Any other reports sort by DOT headquarter.


  1. Universal Service Obligation (USO) is an obligation of the Govt. to provide access to telecommunication service to people in rural and remote areas at affordable and reasonable price.
  2. USOF Section is responsible to disburse the CAPEX & OPEX subsidy duly verifying the claims as per terms and conditions of agreement after adjustment of advances earlier paid to USP.
  3. To conduct physical verification of sites over the period of agreement & to submit the report to USOF HQ.
  4. To carryout SIA as per terms and conditions of agreement & to submit the report to USOF HQ with feedback and suggestions for improvement of scheme.
  5. Timely submission periodical reports to DOT HQ.