1. Settlement of pension and other terminal benefits

i)   Pension and other retirement benefits: Authorization of retirement benefits on CDA and IDA pay scale of DoT and B.S.N.L. employees of the circle.
ii)  Pension Contribution and Leave Salary:> Collection, scrutiny and monitoring of the amount to be received as pension contribution and leave salary by the  government from BSNL. 
iii)  New Pension Scheme: Preparing statement showing government servant contribution and Govt. contribution regarding new pension scheme. 
iv)  We also conduct Pension Adalats to settle the pension related grievances.

2. Audit and Account functions

i)  Pension Audit: This office have been exercising post audit on the disbursement made by the designated bank and post offices on account of the pension and allied benefits to the pensioners. 
ii)  PAO & DDO Functions: The basic unit of departmentalized accounts organization, performs the PAO and DDO function for this office and TERM cell.
iii)  Maintenance of Broadsheet for GPF, LSPC and loans and advances.
iv)  Internal check inspection: We conduct yearly internal audit of TERM cell.

3. Revenue functions

The office of CCA, U.P.(West) is performing various roles regarding revenue management as DOT field unit.

i)  Management of License fee: 
License Fee Co