License Fee and Spectrum

Under provisions of Section 4 of the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 the Central Government shall have the exclusive privilege of establishing, maintaining and working telegraphs: Provided that the Central Government may grant a license, on such conditions and in consideration of such payments as it thinkgs fit, to any person to establish, maintain or work a telegraph within any part of India. Department of Telecommunications under Ministry of Communications is the sole authority to issue licenses to telecom operators. 

License fee as a percentage of Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) is to be paid by the licensees service area wise, for each authorised service from the effective date of the authorization.  Presently License Fee is 8 % of AGR which includes 5% USO levy. 

Allocation of Telecom spectrum is through auction process.  Spectrum auctions resulted in the highest ever upfront payment to the Government. There has been a marked thrust on improving efficiency in the use of spectrum by allowing spectrum sharing, trading and harmonization.   

National Digital Communication Policy, 2018

The National Digital Communications Policy, 2018 seeks to unlock the transformative power of digital communications networks - to achieve the goal of digital empowerment and improved well being of the people of India; and towards this end, attempts to outline a set of goals, initiative, strategies and intended policy outcomes.

The National Communications Policy aims to accomplish the following Strategic objectives by 2022:

  1. Provisning of broadband for All.
  2. Creating 4 million additional jobs in the digital communications sector.
  3. Enhancing the contribution of the digital communications sector to 8% of India's GDP from - 6% in 2017.
  4. Propelling India to the Top 50 Nations in the ICT Development Index of ITU from 134 in 2017.
  5. Enhancing India's contribution to Global Value Chains.
  6. Enhancing Digital Sovereignty.


Role of the CCA office

Work relating to collection of License fee and Spectrum Fee in the form of Revenue share in respect of Cellular and basic services was handed over to CCA offices w,e,f January 2004. This office is responsible for collection of the Revenue from different Service providers holding different licenses for J&K  Circle and other allied works which includes:-

1.  Collection of license Fee from all service providers viz UASL /CMTS/ISP & ISP-IT .
2.  Collection of Spectrum charges from service providers using GSM and CDMA technologies.
3.  Verification of deductions claimed by the service providers.
4.  Assessment of Spectrum usage charges w.e.f Financial Year 2012-2013.
5.  Assessment of License Fee paid in respect of ISP/ ISP-IT service providers.
6.  Being custodian of Financial & Performance Bank Guarantees, review of Financial Bank Guarantees.
7.  Submission of periodical reports of Revenue collected to DOT (Hqr) & updating of GR, AGR, Revenue collection in Soft ware.


SL.NO Name Of The Licensee Type Of License
1 Airmesh Communications Ltd ISP-IT
2 CNS Infotel Services Pvt Ltd ISP-B (UL)
3 JK Airswift Hi-Speed Internet Services Pvt Ltd ISP-B (UL)
4 Srinagar Net Tech Pvt Ltd ISP-B (UL)
5 Exactel Cellular Pvt Ltd ISP-B (UL-VNO)
6 Fasthook Network Pvt Ltd ISP-C (UL)
7 Satpar Infortech Pvt Ltd ISP-C (UL)
8 G.Max IT Services Pvt Ltd ISP-C (UL)
9 Sheen Telecom Consultant Pvt Ltd ISP-C (UL)
10 PMG Networks Pvt Ltd ISP-C (UL)
11 Tarantula Web Networks Pvt Ltd ISP-C (UL)
12 Peer Networks Pvt Ltd ISP-C (UL)
13 Valley Networks Services Pvt Ltd ISP-C (UL)
14 Srinagar Net Tech Pvt Ltd ISP-C (UL)
15 Reliance Jio Infocomm PMRTS-UL
16 I.G, Telecommunication, J&K Police - Jammu City CMRTS
17 I.G, Telecommunication, J&K Police - Srinagar City CMRTS
18 Bharti Airtel Ltd UASL
19 Reliance Jio Infocomm UL
20 Surftelecom Pvt Ltd VNO- UL Access
21 Vodafone Idea Ltd UL
22 Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited UL