The office of the Controller of Communication Accounts (CCA), Maharashtra & Goa discharges following functions

1. Collection of License Fee and Spectrum Usage Charges from the Telecom Service Providers of the circle.

2. Assessment of the Spectrum Usage Charges.

3. Assessment and Collection of Licensee Fee from Decentralized Licensees of the Maharashtra and Goa Circle.

4. Disbursement of USO subsidy to USPs.

5. Designated Monitoring Agency of Bharat Net Project and other USO Schemes.

6. Monitoring of USO subsidy schemes.

7. Settlement of the Pensionary benefits of the retiring BSNL and DoT employees.

8. Maintenance of GPF Accounts of DoT and BSNL  employees.

9. Nodal office for popularizing Digital Payments in Smart Cities.

10. Asset Management of DoT Lands and Buildings.