CCA Maharashtra & Goa office is collecting license fee from the telecom operators licensed under the Indian Telegraph Act 1885 for providing various telecom services in the Maharashtra & Goa Service Area which includes the State of Maharashtra other than Mumbai and the UT of Goa.

The terms & conditions of the license prescribes the Gross revenue, Adjusted Gross Revenue, percentage levy of license fee payable etc. The licensee is permitted to make prescribed deductions from Gross Revenue and arrive at the Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR), on the basis of which Service Provider is required to work out the licence fee at the prescribed percentage basis and deposit it on self assessment basis, quarterly. The license fee is therefore, an important non-tax revenue of Government coming from both Public Sector Units and Private Service Providers.Office of CCA ensures that dues of government are correctly assessed w.r.t. license fee and deposited into the Government account timely.

The Office of CCA Maharashtra & Goa :-

(i) Collects license fee from all UASL/ CMTS/ Basic/UL/ ISP ITs/ NLD/ ILD/ PMRT/ CMRT/ IP-II/ Commercial and Captive VSAT Service Providers in Maharashtra (Other than Mumbai) & Goa service area.

(ii) Does the verification of deductions claimed by the Service Providers holding UASL, CMTS, Basic, UL, and allows /disallows claims for deduction based on such verification, accordingly.

(iii) Assessment of License Fee payable decentralized licenses.

(iv) Maintenance of Financial Bank Guarantees & Performance Bank Guarantees as prescribed under the license, its periodical review for validity and amount.

(v) Accounting of the above Revenue and submission of periodical reports to DOT HQ.


SL.NO Name Of The Licensee Type Of License