Telecommunication is universally acknowledged as the basic infrastructure along with power and transportation for the growth of national economy. Telecom expansion in India is the most exciting and inspiring success stories of previous decade so much so that India is next to China only in the world in the Telecom field today. We have traversed a tedious journey to reach this peak by sustained efforts and meticulous plans and policies. In 1952, Melbourne and Sydney the two cities of Australia had more telephones than the whole of India whereas these cities were much smaller than Bombay and Calcutta. 

Telecommunication is the most vital means to curb the skewed and lopsided growth and for accelerating the distribution of fruits of economic growth and financial prosperity in all the regions including remote and inaccessible areas in the country. Government of India wants that the benefits resulting from the progress and prosperity attained by the nation in the post independence era should be shared by the poorest of the poor and should not be monopolized by a class or region. To achieve this aim we will have to scatter the reliable and secured telecom infrastructure throughout the length and breadth of the country. Our rural penetration today is 11.18% as compared to urban penetration of 74.33% which depicts the wide gulf which need be abridged without any further delay. This is not a country specific or region specific problem rather the whole world is grappling to solve this enigma. In the most developed country like U.S.A—as per FCC , around 7.1 mn households across the nation don't have telephones (July 2006) and more than 13% with an income of less than$10,000 don't have telephone service. We have a daunting task of reduction of digital divide, in our hands by providing reliable and affordable connectivity to our hinterland as fast as possible so that India glitters in totality and doesn't shine in bits and parts. 

We recognize and value the services rendered by our employees (retired and working) in taking telecommunication to dizzy heights and in order to pay our gratitude for their distinguished contribution it is our sincere effort to give them comfort, happiness and satisfaction through CCA Office and this website. In the modern world information is power and I hope this site will provide the desired information to our employees, public at large, state administration, telecom players and vendors which will equip them to achieve their goals and contribute in the development and progress of the nation. It will be our sincere effort to provide the relevant up to date information in a transparent manner. I hope you will find this site extremely useful and will give your valuable suggestions and feedback which will help us to improve as self improvisation is everyone's right and duty as well. 

CCA (Punjab)