Wireless Monitoring Organization (WMO), setup in 1952, is responsible for monitoring all wireless transmission and is essentially the eyes & ears of wireless Planning & Co- ordination (WPC) wing in the ministry of communication & IT. Its primary task is to monitoring the entire radio frequency spectrum with a view to provide the requisite technical data and logical support to the WPC Wing in the enforcement of the National and International Radio Regulatory and statutory provisions for efficient management of radio frequency Spectrum (RFS) and Geo-Stationary Satellite Orbit (GSO). 

Effective and efficient spectrum management is the key element for ensuring the co-existence of various radio communication networks, without causing interference to each other. WMO provides an interference – free radio environment.


(Formerly known as VTM cells) With the increasing no. of telecom operators in the country, the govt. felt the need for presence of telegraph Authority in the field of all the license Service Areas & Large Telecom Districts of the country in order to ensure that service providers adhere to the license conditions and for taking care of telecom network security issues and with the growth of private Telecom & Internet services an increase in illegal/Clandestine telecom operations were also observed. 

To address these issues 34 TERM cells have been created in the country. Each cell is headed by  Sr Deputy Director General. The TERM for Punjab Chandigarh& Panckula area is located at Mohali. The main functions are mentioned as below:-

  • Vigilance & monitoring functions
  • Security functions
  • Service testing of operators/ Roll out obligations
  • Registration of OSPs & Telemakers in LSAs.