1. In pursuance of the Cabinet decision on 1st Cadre Review of Indian Post & Telecommunications Accounts and Finance Service (IP & TAFS) Group: "A" notified vide OM no 03-09-2015 SEA-I dated 10-11-2016, the President was pleased to create O/o The Controller General of Communication Accounts (CGCA), an attached office of DoT.
2. The CGCA will be an apex level in-cadre post of (IP&TAFS) Group: "A" Cadre.
3. The CGCA shall report to the Member ( Finance), Digital Communications Commission.
4. The CGCA shall monitor the functions delegated by DoT Hqs. to the field offices ( viz. Pr. CsCA/CsCA) under the overall supervision and control of Member ( F).
5. The CGCA shall also be entrusted with the function of cadre managment of Group 'C' officials posted in the aforesaid field units.
6. The CGCA will be responsible for co-ordination , recruitment, recruitment rules etc. for the Group 'C' cadre.
7. CGCA will also carry out internal audit of Pr. CCA/CCA offices and other DoT units such as TERM Cells etc.
8.Management of Bank Guarantees of access service licenses and carrying out their half yearly review for revision of BG amount.
9. Release of Bank Guarantees of terminated/ cancelled/ surrendered licenses by obtaining NDCs from the concerned wings.
10. Monitoring of the rationalization process of all the decentralized licenses by field units.
11. Monitoring of the SUL module, Grievance Module and BG Module under SARAS.
12. Monitoring of the status of LF assessment of decentralized licenses by field units.
13. Monitoring of quarterly status of SUC assessment by field units.
14. Obtain quarterly report on RLO from all concerned Circles.
15. Appellate Authority for appeals against assessment of decentralized licenses done by field units.

Functioning of CGCA and decentralization of Accounts works