Telecom is a rapidly growing sector with structural changes that have impacted functioning of the Department of Telecommunications especially after formation of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited with effect from 01.10.2000 as a separate corporate entity. In the wake of this momentous development, offices of Controller of Communication Accounts were setup in various states representing the Department of Telecommunications at the field level. These offices, which initially started as small “DoT Cells” with a limited mandate of work viz. disbursement of pensions, GPF and maintenance of Broad Sheets of Loans and Advances etc. have completed 20 years of their glorious existence and their work have also grown manifold over these years. After, passage of time so many new functions have been allocated to the field offices by DoT & CGCA office.


A- Pension:-

1- Disbursement of Pension: CCA office is responsible for the settlement of pensionary and terminal benefits i.e. issue of pension payment orders, authorization of payment of commuted value of pension, gratuities etc.

2- The office & sub office of CCA holds Pension Adalats, Digital Pension Adalats, Nation Wide Pension Adalats for settlement of pensionary grievances.

3- Pension Library is meant for keeping pensioner's records in chronological order so that as and when records of pensioner required, may readily available without wasting time for search. Pension library is situated on the 3rd floor of the CCA office building and pension records of pensioners have been kept in order of pensioner's code in the compactor. A directory has been prepared for pension records so that record may be readily available for onwards action.

4- Recently direct disbursement of pension through SAMPANN has also started.


B- Accounting:-

1- Collection of Pension and Leave Salary Contribution: This office carries out the functions of collection, scrutiny and monitoring of the amounts to be received as pension contribution and leave salary contribution by the Government & BSNL pensionable employees.

2- GPF, loans and advances: The CCA office is responsible for maintenance of GPF accounts and recovery/accounting of long term advances taken by the employees. They also maintain GPF and Loans & Advances broadsheets. Final Payment of balances of GPF to retirees and family pensioners is also made by CC A office.

3- Post checking of pension paid vouchers: It is also an important function entrusted to the CCA offices to ensure that the pension authorized is correctly paid to the retiree / family pensioner. Any excess payment of pension made by the pension disbursing authorities is recovered and credited in the Government account.

4- PAO function: The CCA office also function as PAO for the TERM offices and WMO units located within the jurisdiction and consolidates their monthly accounts.

5- DDO function: It performs the DDO functions for its own office and compiles the monthly accounts of the CCA office for sending to the DOT headquarters timely.


C- Revenue:-

1- License Fee collection: The CCA office is responsible for collection of license fee from all commercial licensees of cellular, basic, Unified Access Service, NLD, ILD, Commercial VSAT, PMRTS services, Internet Services Providers (without telephony), Internet Service Providers (with telephony), captive VSAT, CMRTS, Radio links, Microwave links and OFC links. The license fee collected is a sizeable component of the non tax revenue for the Government.

2- Maintenance of Performance and Financial Bank Guarantees: The CCA has been entrusted with the work of maintenance, renewal, revision and invocation of Performance and Financial Bank Guarantees submitted by the licensees.

3- Verification of Deductions: As per the license agreements, licensees can claim deductions (on account of pass-thru charges, roaming service charges, sales tax, service tax) from their GR (Gross Revenues) to arrive at AGR (Adjusted Gross Revenue) before calculating the license fee payable. The deductions claimed vary from 23% to 91% of the Gross Revenue under different categories of licenses. To ensure that the deductions claimed by the licensees are correct and not excess, the CCA has been assigned the task of verifying the deductions on quarterly basis 100 percent.

4- Collection of Spectrum Usages Charges: The work relating to collection of Spectrum charges in respect of GSM and CDMA service providers is done by the CCA offices.

5- Assessment of Spectrum Usages Charges: The work of assessment of Spectrum Usages Charges is being done in the CCA offices from the financial year 2012-13 onwards on quarterly & annual provisional basis & then after receiving the finalized AGR from DoT on final basis.

6- Assessment of License Fee of Decentralised Licensees: The work of assessment of License fee of Decentralized Licensees(ISP, ISP(IT), CMRTS, PMRTS & VNO) has been entrusted to CCA office. However, assessment of License Fee of VNO (Access Service) is done in the DoT (HQ).

7- Collection of Penalty and Fee Received Through NTRP From the TSP's/OSP's: The penalty of CAF & EMR verification and Fees for BTS testing and OSP registration is received in the CCA office on the basis of demand notices issued by the office of TERM Unit, UP(East) LSA, Lucknow.


D- USO:-

1- Universal Service Obligation: The USO fund of India came into existence on 01.04.2002 which is funded by the contributions from the service providers and presently the Universal Service levy stands at 5% of the Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR). The fund is disbursed and monitored at the state level by the CCA offices. The CCA is responsible for the verification of the claims of the eligible service providers and release of payment. The CCA is responsible for physical inspection of facilities and monitoring the progress of Rural Telephony which has a direct bearing on subsidy disbursed. The CCA offices have been designated by the USO Fund administration as facilitators to liaise with the State Governments, Infrastructure providers, Universal Service providers, District Administration and local bodies to ensure timely roll out under the different USO schemes. The CCAs are DMA (Designated Monitoring Authorities) for the USO schemes.


E- Administrative:-

1- Legal Functions: The CCA handle court cases at the field level where the Government of India is a party in matters of license fees, spectrum fees, pension, absorption issues, GPF etc. Court cases pertain to Hon’ble High Court, Hon’ble CAT, District Courts, Consumer Forum etc.

2- CPIO & Appellate Functions:  CCA/ Jt. CCA in this office have been designated as Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) and Departmental Appellate Authorities (DAAs) for ensuring smooth furnishing of information under the Right to Information Act 2005 for all matters being dealt with the CCA offices.


F- Audit:- 

The CCA offices have also been entrusted with the responsibility of conducting Annual Internal Audit inspections of Wireless monitoring offices (WMO) and TERM units within their jurisdiction.


G- Computer Section:-
Computer Section is success key of any office. In this office, Computer section deals with Networking, Computer related issues (Hardware/Software),  Server issues, Telephone and EPABX, Updation of website pages of this office in CGCA website, procurement and installation of DSC(Digital Signature Certificate), Taking central backup of the server  as prescribed etc. All employee's biometric updation, creation of Govt. mail ID and issues.  


H- PDA Section:-  

In PDA (Pension Disbursement Authority) Section after receiving of pension cases in CPMS Portal and physically also in the form of EPPO duly signed by the Accounts Officer(Pension), the Accounts Officer (PDA) allots the pension cases to DH (PDA) in CPMS Portal. The PDA section processes the bills of Gratuity and Commutation value. After the payment of the bills by PFMS section, PDA section generates Monthly Arrear of Pension by creating DLC (Digital Life Certificate) of the pensioners. Further, the sanctioned Monthly Pension is forwarded to Cash section to disburse the pension to the retiree on PFMS Software. Pension files of each pensioner are kept in PDA section.


I- Pension Library:-
Information regarding pension library are as follows :-

1- Compactor of 23000 (approx.) Pensioner's file and service books has been placed on 3rd floor of CCA Building, T.E. Campus, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.

2- At present 9300 (approx.) bounded service books & files of Pensioners are kept in the Compactor and 4100 Foreign In pensioners files (who retired from other circle and drawing their pension from this circle) are also kept in the compactor.

3- Directory of Pension library containing Sl.No., Name of beneficiary, Pensioner's Name, PPO No., Pensioner's Mobile No., Unit Name & Location Code has been prepared for smooth search of pensioner's records.

4- Approx. 9500 Service Books are yet to be received, but after making huge efforts, 1488 Service books have been received till date.


The SAMNPANN (System for Accounting and Management of Pension) was launched by the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi on 29.12.2018 at Varanasi. The live telecast of the same was organized in the conference hall of CCA UP(East) Circle, Lucknow inviting BSNL Executives from various Units as well as in the compound of Sub-Office Varanasi. About 200 pensioners attended the function at Sub Office Varanasi, wherein they were informed about the functionalities of SAMAPNN by the CCA Office Team.


K- Sub Office at Varanasi:-

Sub office Varanasi CCA UP(E), Varanasi is functioning from 27.08.2018 on pilot basis and has been made functional on full-fledged basis after inauguration by Hon'ble PM of India on 29.12.2018.

1- The Main purpose of opening the office was to serve the existing pensioner/ to be retired pensioners of the following SSAs under the jurisdiction of this office :-
(i) Varanasi (ii) Gorakhpur (iii) Azamgarh (iv) Pratapgarh (v) Mirzapur (vi) Jaunpur (vii) Mau (viii) Ghazipur (ix) Deoria (x) Ballia (xi) Allahabad.
2- The office is functioning in BSNL CTO Building Varanasi Cantt. from 27.08.2018.
3- At present following functions re carried out in this Sub office :-Checking and passing of pension cases, issue of PPOs on monthly basis in r/o superannuation pension, VRS and all type of family pension.
i) Checking and passing of pension cases, issue of PPOs on monthly basis in r/o superannuation pension, VRS and all type of family pension.
ii) Sanction/ Bills for DCRG and Commutation are sent to Lucknow office for effecting payment through PFMS.
iii)One copy of PPO is sent to pension section of O/o CCA, UP(E), Lucknow for allotment of PPO No. followed by PVA section entering the data of pensioners and allotting pensioner's code.
iv) All the pension cases, in which pensioners desire to draw the pension through Bank and provided required undertaking, are processed through CPMS W.E.F. 04.12.2018.
v) Inspections of USO schemes are also carried out by this office staff and officer's nominated for this purpose for the area.
vi) All correspondence related to court cases in r/o this office are being dealt by this office through O/o CCA, UP(E), Lucknow.
vii) All correspondence related to PG/RTI cases in r/o this office are being dealt by this office through O/o CCA, UP(E), Lucknow.
viii) ISP LF assessment of the Licensees of the area is done by the Sub office.
ix) Internal Audit of WMS Gorakhpur is done by the Sub office.
x) Sub office renders assistance to the WMS Gorakhpur in committees etc.

L- Grievance Redressal Mechanism:-


i) Toll free Helpline                                  :         1800 -180 - 1870

ii) WhatsApp Helpline                              :         800 - 400 - 1870

iii) Varanasi (Sub-Office) Helpline           :         0542-250 1300

iv) Digital Life Certificate KIOSK